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Sable 101 Tri-Goggles

Sable 101 Model Tri-Goggles

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Coming for May 2015, the Sable 924 Women's Model!

Sable is proud to again sponsor the West Point Triathlon Team for 2015 as they push to be the best collegiate team out there.

The New York Times: West Point's triathlon swim coach tested five of the best goggles in the industry and found Sable WaterOptics RS101 goggles to be “the most comfortable” and “the clear overall winner.”

Sable WaterOptics

Recognized by pro and elite triathletes, competitive swimmers, and eye doctors for their precise optics, comfort, and safety - Sable WaterOptics are the best choice for the professional athlete and for the entire team.

Competition WaterOptics

Designed for competitive swimming, the racing-specific 101 Tri-Goggles feature crisp vision lenses, a low profile fluted frame, and anti-glare for peak performance in triathlon and open water swimming.

Recreational WaterOptics

The 922 swim goggles also feature crisp vision lenses, but are styled for recreational comfort, ideal for even the longest training sessions.

All of our aquatic eyewear products feature Super anti-fog, Flat Lens Technology, and optional prescription lenses for each eye.